PotsCast Episode 102:
BioWars Rising

December 7, 2020

Pete, Steve

86 mins

Pete and Steve take a slight detour from the scheduled Nintendo programming to discuss the news of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah’s abrupt exit from BioWare and what this means for Pete’s favourite franchises. Steve also shares his grievances about a certain red icon on his Switch home screen & we discuss Doom Eternal on Switch and answer your questions!

  • 00:03:30 – What We’re Playing
  • 00:30:08 – Gift Guide Follow-Up
  • 00:32:51 – Doom Eternal Finally Comes To Switch
  • 00:34:41 – Switch System Software Update 11.0
  • 00:39:36 – Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah Leave BioWare
  • 00:56:17 – MailPot

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