All LootPots reviews are done in a completely honest and transparent manner.

We will never:

  • Accept review copies with the precondition of giving a positive review.
  • Allow the threat (or act) of being blacklisted to influence our reviews.
  • Accept paid advertising from a publisher, manufacturer, or developer being reviewed.
  • Allow a past or present employee of the developer/publisher to review their game.
  • Discuss our scores with a developer/publisher prior to publishing the review.

Games are selected based on what we think readers may find interesting. They will then be reviewed after playing them for a substantial amount of time. Play time is usually until completion but may vary for broken, extremely long, or never-ending games.

Reviews are naturally opinion based. If you find that you generally disagree with the opinions of a reviewer, then we suggest you find someone else who represents your taste in games. We won’t be offended, honestly!

Scoring System

Numerical/star scoring systems aren’t perfect, but the vast majority of people are now hard-wired to use them as a point of reference. Although we assign a baseline score, we strongly recommended you reserve judgement until after you’ve read the full review.

LootPots scores are usually reflected as a summarising title, followed by an “X out of 5” star rating. Below is a rough guide to what they mean:

We’re talking game of the year material here.
You can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

A top tier game that is outstanding overall.

Sorry boss, I’m far too sick to come into work.

A great game that’s worth picking up.
You’ll be teary eyed if you ever decide to trade it in.

It simply isn’t anything special. It’s not bad, but not great either.
Is it on sale yet?

WEAK (2)
It’s not completely terrible, but most people will probably want to avoid it.
That game you see 100 copies of in the pre-owned section.

It is completely terrible, they seriously published this?
Give it to a charity shop, they’re not fussy.

A game so broken, you can’t actually play it.
Does this even count as a game?