1. Introduction

1.1. These are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) for using this website (“LootPots.com”).

1.2. Please read these Terms carefully as they affect your legal rights.

1.3. By using LootPots.com you confirm that you understand these Terms and agree to be bound by these Terms.

1.4. If you do not understand or do not agree to be bound by the Terms stated on this page, then you must stop using LootPots.com immediately.

1.5. If you are under 18 years old then you should ask your parent(s) or guardian(s) to read and explain these Terms.

2. Prohibited use

2.1. You shall not and will not attempt to: modify, hack, reverse engineer, disassemble, redirect away from, intentionally cause downtime of, or cause damage to LootPots.com.

2.2. You shall not and will not attempt to: upload or inject malware, spyware, virus(es), malicious code, or illegal content on the LootPots.com.

2.3. You shall not create or publish a clone website or derivative work from the LootPots.com code, layout, or assets.

2.4. You shall not mirror, iframe, embed, or data-mine LootPots.com.

2.5. You shall not use LootPots.com in any way that is unlawful, illegal, threatening, or abusive.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. You shall not sell, rent, sub-license, print, republish, display, or reproduce any: graphics, images, text, videos, website layouts, website code, and audio produced for and published on LootPots.com (collectively known as “LootPots Content”).

3.2. You shall not quote, republish, display or copy more than 50 words from any LootPots Content for any purpose whatsoever without permission;

3.3. You shall not remove, crop, or otherwise obscure any watermarks included in or on any LootPots Content without permission;

3.4. You shall not use the links of any LootPots.com images or files for the purpose of render aforementioned images or files on another website or app (also known as “Hotlinking”);

3.5. You shall not use any LootPots Content for any commercial product or service without permission;

3.6. You shall not use any LootPots Content for any illegal purposes.

3.7. You are permitted to:

  • quote text from our articles for journalistic and educational purposes, on the conditions that the quote does not exceed 50 words and that a link (or printed URL) to the original article is provided;
  • re-host images found in our articles for journalistic and educational purposes, on the conditions that any watermarks are retained and a link back to the original article is provided;
  • share links to LootPots.com articles and reviews on social media networks, search engines, forums, personal blogs, and news websites on the condition that this is not done with the intent to damage this website or it’s search engine rankings;
  • access and view LootPots.com using a web–browser or screen-reader, on the condition that you have not broken these terms and conditions.

3.8. All Third Party trade marks, patents and copyright materials are the property of their respective owners.

4. Third Party links and Third Party content

4.1. “Third Party” means any organisation or person that is neither the owner of the LootPots.com or directly involved with publishing content on LootPots.com.

4.2. Lootpots.com contains Third Party content and links to Third Party websites.

4.3. All opinions, recommendations, guidance, and other statements found in Third Party content and through links to Third Party websites are expressions of the Third Party alone, they are not endorsed by LootPots.com or its owner.

4.4. LootPots.com does not review Third Party websites and cannot verify that they are safe.

4.5. Visiting links to Third Party websites and apps is done at your own risk.

6. Limitations and exclusions of liability

6.1. LootPots.com is provided on an “as-is” basis, for entertainment purposes.

6.2. LootPots.com and it’s owner and operator do not provide any warranty that this website will be free from errors or always available.

6.3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, LootPots.com and it’s owner and operator will not be liable:

a. in respect of any loss of profits, income, revenue, use, production or anticipated savings;

b. in respect of any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage;

c. for any loss of business, contracts or commercial opportunities;

d. for any loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation;

e. for the content of any Third Party website;

f. in respect of any loss or corruption of any data, database or software;

g. for any loss or damage resulting from viruses, malware, or any other malicious software downloaded from (or caused by accessing) this website;

h. for Third Party content supplied to LootPots.com that may infringe Intellectual Property rights;

i. for inaccurate or erroneous information published on this website;

j. for the availability or performance of this website;

7. General

7.1. These Terms may be altered from time to time. Any revisions to these Terms will apply to LootPots.com from the time as they are published. You should check these Terms regularly.

7.2. If a Clause of these Terms is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other Clauses of these Terms will continue in effect. If any unlawful and/or unenforceable Clause would be lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted, and the rest of the Clause will continue in effect (unless that would contradict the clear intention of the parties, in which case the entirety of the relevant Clause will be deemed to be deleted).

7.3. You rights under these Terms may not be transferred to any other person. LootPots.com and it’s owner may transfer any of their rights under these Terms, if there is reasonable belief that it will not affect your rights.

7.4. These Terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties in relation to its subject matter, and supersedes all prior agreements, arrangements and understandings between the parties relating to these Terms.

7.4. These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales; and the courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with these Terms.

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These Terms were last updated on: 26th July 2018.