PotsCast Episode 050:
An Influential Decade

November 30, 2019

Pete, Steve, AJ

101 mins

Pete and Steve are joined by AJ from FanatixFour to talk more Pokemon, Metroid rumours, answer your questions, and more!

  • 3:00 – Plugs
  • 4:30 – What we’re playing this week
  • 44:12 – Pokemon Company Suing Pokemon Sword and Shield Leakers
  • 48:30 – Assasins Creed Black Flag / Rogue Coming to Switch on December 6
  • 50:15 – Metroid Rumours
  • 57:32 – Out This Week
  • 1:04:35 – Mailbag

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This PotsCast is:

Pete: https://twitter.com/loud_pete
Steve: https://twitter.com/steve228uk
AJ: https://twitter.com/AMcRaeJr