Disney Tsum Tsum themed Nintendo Switch console announced in Japan

Launches alongside the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Switch game.
Disney Tsum Tsum Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Cons

Nintendo has announced that a Disney Tsum Tsum themed Nintendo Switch console will be hitting shelves in Japan on October 10th 2019. Priced at 36,080 yen (plus tax), the Tsum Tsum Switch will be available as part of a bundle including a copy of the game.

In addition to featuring a repeating Tsum Tsum themed pattern on the Nintendo Switch dock, the upcoming console will also come paired with a purple and pink Joy-Con sporting similar designs. The right Joy-Con takes things a step further, using two rounded circles to subtly transform the Switch’s home button into a mini Mickey Mouse emblem.

Nintendo Switch Disney Tsum Tsum Backplate (rear) and Joy-Con
Disney Tsum Tsum themed Joy-Cons & black-plate

As with most special edition Nintendo Switch consoles, flipping the device over reveals additional designs printed on the console’s back-plate. Encompassing four pink Tsum Tsum characters in the top right, and line of suits at the bottom, and a faint Disney Tsum Tsum Festival logo situated between them.

Nintendo Japan also clarified that the upcoming Disney console will be based on the revised model of the Nintendo Switch – packing additional battery life but retaining the current hardware’s form factor. So players planning on picking up the themed console can rest assured that they’re not being stiffed with the older model.

Currently, it’s not been revealed whether or not the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch will be seeing a release outside of Japan. So if you’re dying for some more Tsum Tsum on your Switch, then you’d better keep those finger crossed!