Supergiant Games are bringing Bastion and Transistor to Nintendo Switch

BlitWorks and Confetti will be working on the Switch ports.
Bastion and Transistor Nintendo Switch

Supergiant Games has announced that their award-winning RPGs Bastion and Transistor will both be heading to Nintendo Switch in 2018. Both titles were revealed during a sizzle reel in Nintendo’s Nindie Showcase (Summer 2018).

The first Supergiant Games title to land on the Nintendo Switch will be Bastion, which is set to release on September 13th 2018, with a $14.99 price-tag. Winning overĀ 100 industry awards and accolades, Bastion is an action RPG in which players take on the role of “the Kid” as he fights his way through a floating world packed with enemies. Throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by the sounds of a mysterious narrator and the fantastic musical works of Darren Korb.

Bastion ScreenshotBastion was Supergiant Games debut title and has sold millions of copies worldwide to date. The Nintendo Switch version of the game is being ported by Blitworks; the same company that brought Don’t Starve, Salt and Sanctuary, and N++ to Nintendo Switch.

Transistor will follow Bastion, releasing for Nintendo Switch on November 1st 2018 at the slightly higher price of $19.99. The game is a science-fiction action RPG in which players control “Red”, a famous singer who is attacked by robots. Red manages to escape with a powerful yet mysterious weapon called “Transistor”, which she uses to fight her way through a futuristic world full of danger.

Transistor ScreenshotTransistor has also won over 100 awards/accolades and the Nintendo Switch port is being handled by Confetti (a team of developers that each have over 10 years experience in the industry). Transistor originally released in May 2014 for Windows and PS4, with Linux/OS X ports following in October.

According to Supergiant Games, a Nintendo Switch port of their third game “Pyre” hasn’t been ruled out but, due to their custom game engine, it wouldn’t be a simple task. While there wasn’t anything to announce regarding Pyre, they did state that interest was appreciated and they were looking forward to seeing the reception that Transistor and Bastion would receive on Switch.