Sleep Tight is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in Europe and Australia

Build your fort. Fight the monsters. Sleep safe and sound.

Sleep Tight Nintendo Switch
Sleep Tight, the base-building twin-stick shooter from developers We Are Fuzzy, is currently only available for the Nintendo Switch in the US. But all that will change on 24th January, as players in Europe and Australia will be able to finally download the game from the Nintendo eShop.

The premise of Sleep Tight is pretty simple; you play as a lone child in his big, square sandbox of a bedroom. You’ve got all day to build a fort, because at night the monsters in your cupboard are going to start attacking, and you’re going to need to fight them off. At the start of each day you’ll be allocated a number of suns (suns and stars act as currency in Sleep Tight), which you can spend on various defences, including pillow walls, Nerf gun-style turrets, and Christmas light barbed wire.

Sleep Tight Screenshot
Sleep Tight in action

Once you’ve spent all your suns, the game ticks over into night-time, and the monsters start attacking. This is where the game switches from fort-builder to twin-stick shooter, as you defend your base and yourself form the attacking ooglie-booglies. Each defeated monster will drop stars which you can save up to unlock better defences, providing you survive the night.

Reviews of the North American release of the game have commended the style and the nostalgia-evoking nature of the game (who didn’t love to build pillow forts as a kid?). But some reviewers expressed disappointment that there wasn’t much in the way of gameplay beyond the central mode. However, you’ll be able to judge it for yourself on January 24th, when it releases on the European and Australian eShops for £11.54 / $19.99 AUD.

Sleep Tight – EU Release Date Trailer (Nintendo Switch)