Rigid Force Redux brings shmup action to Nintendo Switch Q2 2020

Relive a classic era injected with new life.

Rigid Force Redux titlePitting players in the heat of battle, Rigid Force Redux is a hand-crafted 3D experience where you conquer an invasion of aliens. With a spacecraft fully loaded with copious upgradable weapons, defeat immense hordes of enemies, gunships, and bosses.

Bosses come in the form of an abundance of enormous opponents, ranging from intergalactic creatures to heavily armed mechs. Every enemy has a unique strategy aiming to challenge, from the tiniest pest to the most colossal of bosses. Players must exterminate their adversaries or risk being overpowered.

With the help of adjustable Force Shards, the ship can fire in multiple directions and block incoming enemy attacks. Appearing Energy Orbs must be captured to unleash a forceful blast against enemy swarms. The only goal is to lay waste to every horde that comes your way.

Rigid Force Redux provides detailed effects amongst an array of beautiful environments, all accented with an electrifying Synthwave soundtrack. Playtime is limitless with between its Story, Arcade, and Boss Rush modes, and with global leaderboards and forty achievements, that’s all the more reason to keep coming back. Including adjustable difficulty modes, veterans and amateurs to the genre alike can enjoy this title.

Publisher Headup has releases across all major platforms and has won the “Best Developer” award at the German Developers Awards four times. Developer com8com1 is an indie developer based in Hannover, Germany, headed by former Ubisoft Blue Byte member, Marcel Rebenstorf.

Previously releasing Rigid Force Alpha on Steam, the title was met with mostly positive reviews. Now with Rigid Force Redux, the developer intends to flourish with the Nintendo Switch fanbase.

Rigid Force Redux releases on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2020. For a preview of the intense shoot ’em up action, make sure to check out the trailer below.

Rigid Force Redux announcement trailer