GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch licence edition goes into open beta.

Expect to see more GameMaker built titles hitting the Switch in future.
GameMaker Studio 2 Switch Beta

GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch licence edition has entered it’s open beta stage. The announcement, made by the software’s makers YoYo Games, also revealed that the full commercial version is planned to release in September 2018.

The open beta, which enables Nintendo Switch export option in GamerMaker Studio 2, will be available to anyone who has already registered as an authorised Nintendo Switch developer, requests to take part through GameMaker’s middleware page, and has purchased either a Nintendo Switch developers licence or GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate license.

Powering games like Minit, Undertale and Hyperlight Drifter; the launch of the open beta should be music to the ears of any Indie game fan. According to James Cox (General Manager at YoYo Games), they’ve already had over a thousand developers showing interest in bringing their titles to Nintendo’s hybrid platform.

Since announcing our relationship with Nintendo to launch the GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch licence edition, we’ve been contacted by over one thousand developers who want to bring their GameMaker titles onto Nintendo’s record-breaking console,

– James Cox, General Manager, YoYo Games