Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 available to play now

"The Future Is Yours", Fortnite fans!
Fortnite Season 9

It’s that time again, Fortnite players! A brand new season, Season 9, has begun inand is available to play now on all platforms that Fortnite supports until August 1st, 2019.

This season, with the tagline “The Future Is Yours,” brings with it some updated content for players to enjoy. A brand new map update is replacing the traditional (and popular) Tilted Towers with Neo Tiled, and replacing Retail Row with Mega Mall. Players will now also have the ability to rotate the map in new ways thanks to a wind tunnel which loops around parts of the map. Fortnite fans may either be excited or disappointed to know that the popular Pump Shotgun has been vaulted and in favour of the Combat Shotgun.

Creative Mode also gets some new content in Season 9. Hover Platforms, new islands, and an advanced Creature Manager system and included in the updated. Save The World players aren’t forgotten either with new quests, the introduction of Wargames, and more!

Of course, new seasons of Fortnite means a new Battle Pass obtainable with V-Bucks which can either be earned or purchased from the in-game shop. New emotes, skins, gliders, weapon wraps, pickaxes, and more are also available to purchase or unlock just like previous seasons. Be sure to check out the official Fortnite website for a closer look at what this season’s Battle Pass has to offer.

As has become tradition with new seasons of Fortnite, Season 9 kicks off with a brand new cinematic trailer which can be seen below.

Fortnite - Season 9 - Cinematic Trailer