Dungeon crawler “MISTOVER” gets a Nintendo Switch demo (available now)

Take on the Pillar of Despair in this timed public demo
MISTOVER Nintendo Switch Demo Art

PUBG developer Krafton Game Union has released a public demo for their latest title, “MISTOVER”. The MISTOVER demo is available to download right now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.

Featuring strategic, turn-based combat, MISTOVER tasks players with commanding the Expedition Corps through the Pillar of Despair in an effort to cure the Mist that is taking over the world. The timed demo, which aims to familiarise players with MISTOVERS’ combat system and exploration elements, is limited to 600 seconds though. So use your time wisely!

Mistover screenshot
Explore the deadly dungeons of MISTOVER

Offering five different classes for players to try and a whole host of monsters to defeat (or optionally avoid), the first MISTOVER demo is sure to test what it takes to thrive as the commander of the Expedition Corps. Your efforts will not go to waste, because those who emerge victorious in specific missions will be rewarded with downloadable wallpapers that can be loaded onto mobile devices via QR code.

600 seconds not quite enough? Fear not, as Krafton have also revealed plans for a more in-depth demo in the near future. Interested players are advised to follow the development team on twitter for more information.

MISTOVER is set to launch digitally for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on October 10th 2019, priced at $29.99 / €27,99 / £24.99. Will you take on the Pillar of Despair and cure the Mist?

MISTOVER Demo Available Now!