Diablo III Eternal Collection – More details revealed for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo voice chat, a stuffed game cart, and some Switch footage.
Diablo III Nintendo Switch Loading Screen

Having received a surprise announcement last week, Blizzard is now revealing a little more info to eager Diablo III fans. The developer confirmed to PCMag that the entire game and all its expansions are stuffed into Diablo’s Game Card.

This means that buyers who prefer physical copies won’t be required to download anything; something that has been the case previously with games like L.A. Noire and DOOM. The size of the Nintendo Switch game is not yet known, meaning it’s unclear whether Blizzard had to pony up for the more expensive 32GB carts or simply managed to compress everything down to 16GB.

Players who wish to take their dungeon crawling online will also need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online – the new premium service due to launch next month. Players’ Diablo III progress will automatically be backed up to the cloud and, according to Game Informer, Diablo will be one of the first games to join Splatoon 2 on Nintendo’s mobile app. The app will be used for voice chat but it remains to be seen if additional services like Splatoon 2’s SplatNet will be on offer.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection launches on Switch later this year and includes the base game along with all previously released expansions, packs and updates. Blizzard is even bringing exclusive Zelda-themed items to the game as an extra bonus for those picking up the game on Switch.

To top it all off, Blizzard also gave fans a first look at Diablo III running on the Nintendo during a Nintendo RedCube live stream. A recording of the stream, which was done from Gamescom 2018, can be watched in the below:

Diablo III Eternal Collection (RedCube) @ Gamescom