Diablo III: Eternal Collection may have been leaked for Nintendo Switch

The port is rumoured to include Nintendo exclusive in-game content.
Diablo III Nintendo Switch Ganon

Diablo III may be coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of an “Eternal Collection”, according to an article published on (and then quickly pulled from) Forbes. The Diablo III port is rumoured to include Nintendo exclusive content and be priced at $59.99.

According to the article, Diablo III: Eternal Collection will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year and include all previously released DLC and additional content. To top it all off, the Switch version is also rumoured to include Zelda themed bonuses like Ganondorf armour, a chicken pet, Echoes of the Mask wings, and a Tri-Force styled portrait frame.

In terms of multiplayer support, the game will apparently allow 4 players to share a single console (local co-op), play on multiple consoles over a local connection, and play together online. The article also mentions cloud saves and that online will require Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service. If these details are in fact truthful, then it would definitely suggest that Diablo III for Switch will most likely be launching after September.

Blizzard has been dropping subtle hints that could potentially be pointing towards a Switch release for quite a while now. So, although this is all currently rumour territory until an official announcement is made, it certainly adds up.