Turok coming to Switch in March, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to follow later


The N64 classic, Turok has made a surprise appearance on the Nintendo eShop and will be available on March 18th for $19.99. The version coming to Switch is the HD remaster of the original that has already seen a release on Xbox One and PC.

Look out for the T. rex's laser eyes.
Look out for the T. rex’s laser eyes.

Released in 1997 on N64 with the subtitle “Dinosaur Hunter”, Turok is a first-person shooter based on the comic book series of the same name. Players control the titular “Turok”, a time-travelling warrior who finds himself thrown into a world inhabited by a multitude of creatures including dinosaurs and aliens. In this “Lost Land”, an evil overlord known as “The Campaigner” aims to break down the barrier between Earth and The Lost Land using an ancient artefact called “The Chronoscepter”. As Turok, you must collect the eight shards of The Chonoscepter before The Campaigner is able to, halting his plans to break the fabric of time in the process.

Developed by Nightdive Studios, the remaster of Turok promises higher resolution graphics, dynamic lighting, bloom, improved water effects and other visual enhancements. In addition to this, improvements to the gameplay and level design are promised including (but not limited to) support for modern FPS controls thanks to the twin sticks found on the Switch’s Joy-Cons or Pro Controller.

Nightdive Studios also confirmed through their official Discord that there are plans to bring Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to the Nintendo Switch. No release date or details for the sequel have yet been made available, but Turok fans can get their hands on the original on March 18th.