Towerfall shoots onto Nintendo Switch this September

Matt Makes Games aims high with Switch-exclusive 6-player battles
Towerfall Nintendo Switch Keyart

Towerfall, the archery combat/party game from Celeste developer Matt Makes Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game is set to release on September 27th 2018 at the price of $19.99 and can be pre-purchased from the Nintendo eShop right now!

Pegged as the “ultimate version” of the game, Towerfall on Switch will include exclusive 6-player battles, Celeste characters as guest archers, new gameplay variants, and all the content from Ascension and the Dark Worlds expansion.

6 Player Battles exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version

To make room for the additional players (previous releases only supported 4), the option to bump up Towerfall’s classic 4:3 aspect ratio to widescreen is available for every versus mode stage. The expanded levels aren’t limited to just 6 players though, they can also be used with just 2-4 archers (although it’s not recommended for new players).

Towerfall features various settings that can be used to alter the gameplay – these are known as “Variants”. Thanks to the addition of new variants on the Nintendo Switch release, Towerfall now offers over 90 options to fiddle with and create your own custom games modes. These variant settings can be saved as a preset and played with friends at any time. Some of the new variants include:

  • Reaper Chalice – Adds one or two chalices to the stage. Standing next to a chalice will slowly fill it with your character’s colour, and once filled, an invincible reaper is summoned to hunt down your rivals.
  • Keep Your Arrows – All the arrows held at the end of a round will be carried over to the next.
  • Pass Through Team – Disables collision with archers on your team. Ideal for creating hectic 6 player team battles where you don’t want to get in each other’s way.
  • No Hypers – Disables the Hyper Jumping hidden technique. Perfect for levelling the playing field when introducing new players to Towerfall.

Towerfall isn’t just about beating your friends to a pulp in competitive modes. The Nintendo Switch version will also include Quest mode and Dark World mode, which both see players work cooperatively to fight a variety of computer-controlled monsters, archers, and bosses. The co-op modes support between 1-4 players and can be played at any time.

Hungry for some gameplay footage? Check out the Towerfall Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below:

TowerFall Nintendo Switch Announcement