The Last Campfire announced for Nintendo Switch with a Summer 2020 release window

This marks Hello Games' first new release since No Man's Sky.

The Last Campfire
Back in 2018, Hello Games announced an adorable platformer-puzzler titled The Last Campfire, their first new game since No Man’s Sky. Finally resurfacing for the first time since its Game Awards debut comes a new trailer crammed with a lot of new information for fans to unpack. Along with the trailer came the confirmation that The Last Campfire will release Summer 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Walking down a corridor.
Walking down a corridor

Shown off during today’s Indie World event, the new trailer offers a more cinematic glimpse into the world and mechanics of The Last Campfire. Details are sparse, but we do know that the game is about hope, specifically in the shape of a tiny ember. Players will be challenged with facing the trials of an untamed wilderness far outside the reaches and comfort of their own home. The mission is simple: carry this ember and use it to light the last campfire. The hardships of accomplishing this goal will be discovered through the treacherous ruins you must explore, the puzzles that block your way, and the myriad of creatures you’ll meet on your journey.

Watching the sun rise.

Hello Games is an indie development studio based in Guildford, England. They are largely known for No Man’s Sky, a procedurally generated space exploration game. Apart from No Man’s Sky, Hello Games have also worked on Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The Last Campfire marks the studio’s first solely self-published game since the original Joe Danger.

If this article piqued your interest at all, we recommend you watch the emotional trailer for The Last Campfire yourself by clicking on the embedded video below. Fortunately, we shouldn’t have to rewatch the trailer too many times, as The Last Campfire is planned to release on Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer.

The Last Campfire official trailer