The Bug Butcher blasts its way onto the Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Pest control with machine guns, in space!
The Bug Butcher Nintendo Switch Artwork

2Awesome Studio has announced that it’s partnered up with Awfully Nice Studios to bring 2D platforming shooter “The Bug Butcher” to the Nintendo Switch. The game will mark 2Awesome Studio’s first title as a publisher and is scheduled to land on Switch this summer.

Described as an “action-packed 2D side scrolling shoot em up”, The Bug Butcher puts players in the shiny yellow boots of Harry (an anti-hero exterminator with a taste for decimating bugs). Shooting vertically, Harry is tasked with clearing out a futuristic research facility to decontaminate it of the various bugs threatening the facility’s scientists. The game pays homage to the 90s arcade shooter “Super Pang / Super Buster Bros”, borrowing its vertical shooting mechanics while also adding a modern twist.

Developed by Awfully Nice Studios, The Bug Butcher was first released for PC in 2016. The story is playable in both single-player and also has a two-player co-op experience. It features 30 levels packed with dozens of different bugs to slaughter, 5 brutal bosses, an arsenal of upgradable weapons, power-ups, leaderboards, and a whole bunch of customisation options. Did I mention that you can play in your pants? (I meant in-game).

In addition to the announcement, 2AwesomeStudios have also put together a brand new trailer for the upcoming Switch release. You can sink your eyes into it below.

The Bug Butcher – Nintendo Switch Trailer