Team Rocket invades Pokémon GO, bringing Shadow Pokémon and shinies

Hey, Giovanni, check this out!
Team rocket invasion Pokemon GO

Get ready trainers! After weeks of teasing, Niantic has now released Pokémon GO’s latest feature – Team Rocket Invasions! Though there were sporadic sightings in the game earlier this week, the feature is now live for all players worldwide.

Team Rocket in Pokemon GO Screenshot

This new gameplay feature tasks players with finding special Pokéstops that have been invaded by members of the villainous Team Rocket. By visiting one of these stops (which are proving to be quite hard to find), you will be able to fight Team Rocket grunts in battle and free the Pokéstop from their control.

Successful players will get the chance to capture one of the many “Shadow Pokémon”, which are Pokémon that have been afflicted by a dark aura. There are currently about 10 Shadow Pokémon variants available to catch and each Shadow Pokémon can be purified by spending Stardust and Candy. Once purified players will then be rewarded with a Pokemon that has boosted stats.

To celebrate the invasion, a week-long event is currently underway, featuring Pokémon that are famously associated with Team Rocket. Until August 1st at 9 pm BST (1 PM PT), players will be able to find Zubat, Rattata, Ekans, Koffing, Magnemite and Meowth (that’s right) more commonly in the wild. Keep your eyes peeled for any Ekans or Koffing spawns you might come across, as their shiny forms are now available to find in the wild.

Team GO Rocket invades Pokémon GO!