Super Mario Maker 2 will include 4-player local multiplayer

Nintendo's Japanese site confirms 4 players on a single screen
Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch Banner

The follow-up to Super Mario Maker is due to arrive next month and Nintendo divulged an abundance of info on the title in a recent Direct. While multiplayer was announced for both level creation and play, it seems Nintendo omitted a tasty morsel of info.

Super Mario Maker 2’s Japanese site, confirms that the upcoming game will feature 4-player local multiplayer on a single screen. “One Joy-Con is required for each player”, according to the site, and it looks like 4 players will be supported in both docked and table-top configurations on the Switch.

It’s not yet known if level creation supports 4 players or whether you and your friends will be restricted to just playing the courses you’ve made previously.

Screenshot from Super Mario Maker's Japanese site
Screenshot from Super Mario Maker 2’s Japanese site

The Japanese site also reveals the controller configurations supported by Super Mario Maker 2. Players will be happy to know that the next instalment in the Super Mario Maker series supports single and dual Joy-Cons, as well as the Pro Controller.

While you (and your three Mario Maker buddies) wait eagerly for the game’s release on June 28th, 2019, why not check out the latest Nintendo Direct which revealed new modes, items, themes and more, in the embedded video below.

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct - 15.05.2019