Resident Evil HD, Resident Evil 0, and RE4 launch for Nintendo Switch in May

All three previously announced titles will hit Switch on May 21st
Resident Evil Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil HD Remaster and Resident Evil 4 will all launch for Nintendo Switch on May 21st. Those itching to get their hands on the games can preorder the titles from February 28th.

The trio of acclaimed horror games were first announced for Nintendo Switch in October last year, but Capcom remained silent on their release dates until now. This isn’t the first time these titles have graced Nintendo platforms, as all 3 Resident Evil games originally launched as Gamecube exclusives. Since their initial launch, each title has been ported to nearly every available platform, but the Nintendo Switch version marks the first time these games have been available on a handheld console.

Resident Evil Zero on Nintendo Switch
Resident Evil Zero on Switch

In Europe, all three upcoming Resident Evil titles will be launching digitally as individual downloads. However, North American collectors will be able to grab the “Resident Evil Origins Collection”, containing both Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil HD Remaster, at retail stores.

Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil HD Remaster and Resident Evil 4 will all be available on Nintendo Switch on March 21st 2019. It’s currently unclear on how the titles will be priced, but considering preorders are due to go live on February 28th, it won’t be long until we find out.