Recap: Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights presentation – August 20th 2018

Nintendo showcase 17 Indie games for Nintendo Switch!
Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights

Today at 2pm CEST, Nintendo UK released a Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights video covering a number of different indie developers and publishers. The 22-minute showcase featured 17 games and offered a bunch of juicy new trailers, new release dates, and even some brand new game announcements.

A full rundown of what was covered is listed below:

Game Publisher Release Date
Bad North Raw Fury Available now
Morphies Law Cosmoscope Available at 7pm (CEST)
Prison Architect: NS Edition Double Eleven Available now
Night Call Raw Fury Early 2019
Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom FDG Interactive Nov 6th, 2018
The Gardens Between The Voxel Agents Sep 20th, 2018
Streets of Rogue tinyBuild Winter 2018
Moonlighter 11 bit studios Autumn 2018
This War of Mine 11 bit studios November 2018
Children of Morta 11 bit studios Early 2019
Everspace Stellar Edition Rockfish Games December 2018
Baba is You Hempuli Autumn 2018
Slay the Spire Humble Bundle, Mega Crit Games Early 2019
Windjammers Dotemu Oct 29th, 2018
Windjammers 2 Dotemu 2019
Terraria Re-Logic 2019
Prison Architect Escape Mode Double Eleven, Introversion Software Summer 2018

Finally, Nintendo also announced that the following games would be available to play on Switch during Gamescom 2018. The event will run from the 21st – 25th of August in Cologne, Germany.

  • Baba is You
  • Wargroove
  • The Gardens Between
  • Moonlighter
  • Night Call
  • Planet Alpha
  • Stick Fight The Game
  • Unruly Heroes
  • Everspace
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

You can view the full presentation below.

Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights – August 20th 2018