Outright Games announce UglyDolls videogame, coming to Switch in Spring

Things are about to get Ugly on Nintendo Switch this spring!
UglyDolls An Imperfect Adventure

STX Films’ upcoming UglyDolls animated movie will be getting a videogame adaptation courtesy of Well Played and Outright Games. Officially titled “UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure”, the game is set to launch for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 26th 2019.

UglyDolls Nintendo Switch Box Art
Nintendo Switch Box Art

Set in the (obviously) fictional town of Uglyville, UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure see’s players take on the role of either Moxy or Ox as they attempt to save their neighbourhood from a horde of malfunctioning robots. The inhabitants of Uglyville embrace each others differences and are keen to see the perfectionist robots driven out of town.

UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure promises a unique experience each time the game is played. The game features procedurally generated streets, the ability to team up with other Uglyville residence, a crafting system, and a series of unlockable areas for players to explore.

Players who don’t want to go at it alone will also be able to buddy up with a friend through local co-op. Each player will be given control of either Moxy or Ox and will be able to adventure through Uglyville in a split-screen experience.

UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure will release Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in both digital and physical formats on April 26th 2019.