Nintendo debuts new online community for Splatoon 2

Assemble a team, join tournaments and find new friends.
Splatoon 2

Nintendo of Europe has launched a fresh online community for Splatoon 2. The site is designed for players looking to find a new “squidmate” and aims to connect inklings looking to form a competitive team.

Once a team has been assembled, the online portal makes it easy for players to enter into official, open tournaments. January 13th, 2019 sees the first online tournament taking place when the Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup kicks off.

Those of you that already have a team are of course also able to participate and don’t need to go through the Find a Team process.

An official Discord server has also been set up for Splatoon 2 fans. Here, prospective champions can discuss the game with their fellow competitors, share tips and tricks, and make new friends that are interested in the game.

Splatoon 2’s new open tournament matchmaking system is be powered by Toornament, a platform that some eSports players may already be familiar with. Toornament already work with some of the biggest games including League of Legends, CS:GO, and Fortnite to hold hundreds of open tournments each month.

If you’ve been looking to get into competitive Splatoon 2 but weren’t sure where to start, the new online community is worth checking out. Just be sure to get that team of inklings and octolings together in time for the Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup on January 13th, 2019.