New Super Mario Maker 2 update raises player’s maximum course limit to 64

An update to inflate the rate you can create
Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch Banner

Nintendo has released a software update for Super Mario Maker 2 that raises the total number of user created courses to 64. The update, which addressed players concerns about the previous upload, is now available to download right now!by updating your game from the home menu.

Until yesterday, Mario Maker 2 only allowed course creators to upload a maximum of 32 levels for other players to try. This frustrating limit raised some questions among hardcore players about the game’s longevity. With this new update, Nintendo has now raised the course limit from 32 to 64 and has promised another further increase as the game continues to be updated.

Players looking to update their copy of Super Mario Maker 2 and expand their upload limit, should head to their Nintendo Switch home menu and press the + or – button while the SMM2 icon is selected. An additional menu will pop up allowing you to update the software via the internet

In the original Mario Maker on Wii U and 3DS, players initially started with a limit of 10 courses to challenge their friends or strangers online. As more people played and enjoyed your courses, you were awarded medals that increased your maximum course upload limit – with a maximum of 100.

Currently, we do not know Nintendo’s plans for supporting Mario Maker 2 with new content and game modes. However, we do know that with one more course limit update due that Nintendo intends on keeping the game alive for the foreseeable future But for now, it seems that it’s down to users creating new and exciting courses to keep players coming back for more.