New Super Lucky’s Tale is a reimagining of the Xbox exclusive for Switch

Launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch later this year!
New Super Lucky's Tale on Nintendo Switch

Microsoft’s love affair with Nintendo’s latest hybrid console is certainly proving fruitful for Switch owners. Previous Xbox console-exclusive title, Cuphead received a surprise release on Nintendo’s system earlier this year and now, another is on the way.

New Super Lucky’s Tale was brazenly included in a sizzle reel in the middle of Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct. The 3D adventure platformer is a reimagining of Playful Studios’ Xbox One X launch title, Super Lucky’s Tale which itself was a sequel to the Oculus VR game, Lucky’s Tale and this revamped version promises to update almost every aspect of the original game.

Levels have been updated with fresh environments, new puzzles, quests, mini games and more. Lucky’s also received a skill boost with some upgraded moves like slide and enhanced burrow. Playful Studios are also promising more precise controls and a fully rotatable camera which should alleviate the biggest concerns many players had with the original.

Enhanced burrow is one of Lucky’s new skills

If you’ve not played the original then expect an experience reminiscent of N64 platformers such as Banjo-Kazooie. New Super Lucky’s Tale takes the titular cape-wearing fox on an adventure to protect the magical Book of Ages. You’ll need to find the strength to defat the mysterious villain, Jinx who is trying to steal the Book of Ages for his own evil purpose.

Paul Bettner, founder and CEO of Playful Studios said the company “always planned to bring Lucky to Nintendo Switch” and used the opportunity “to improve on everything that has come before. Led by feedback from our passionate community, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a platforming adventure that measures up to the most beloved games of the genre and the best way to experience Lucky’s story yet.”

For a first look at New Super Lucky’s Tale which launches later this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch, check out the trailer embedded below.

New Super Lucky's Tale - Nintendo Switch Trailer