Mobile game Pokémon Masters to release in 2019

Who's that Pokémon (master)?!

The Pokémon Company have never been shy about using nostalgia to not only please old fans, but also draw in new ones. And let’s be honest, with a prolific back catalogue of games, creatures and characters spanning 20 years to draw from, who can blame them? The latest blast from the past comes courtesy of newly announced mobile game, Pokémon Masters.

Revealed alongside Pokémon Home and Pokémon Sleep as part of their May 29th media event, Pokémon Masters is a mobile game which allows aspiring trainers to compete against a host of famous faces from across the numerous Pokémon titles. The short trailer shown featured Poké-icons like Misty and Brock, while pre-release images also show off the likes of Blue, Cynthia, Lance, and a whole host of other formidable trainers.

What context these battles take place in is currently anyone’s guess, as details are currently pretty scarce. It seems as though you’ll not only be able to battle against these trainers, but also team up alongside some of them. The battles appear to use the iconic turn-based combat system from the main series Pokémon games, which should help the uninitiated prepare for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Other details we noticed in the brief reveal trailer include what seems to be a special move for Brock’s Onix; Rock-Solid Rockslide, which could be something akin to the Z-Moves introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, although that’s purely speculation at this point. The key artwork is also hiding what seems to be a Rotom phone attached to the player characters’ belts.

Pokemon Masters is being developed by DeNA and is the title they teased back at the beginning of May. It will be releasing for Android and iOS devices in 2019, with a reveal of further information promised for June.