Mineko’s Night Market coming to Switch in early 2019

Be the first to explore the island of Mount Fugu first on Nintendo Switch.
Mineko's Night Market

Narrative-driven adventure game Mineko’s Night Market is coming to consoles, first on Nintendo Switch, in early 2019.

You play Mineko, a young girl who’s just found her new home on the fictional island of Mount Fugu. Upon her arrival, Mineko discovers the townsfolk are superstitious and worship a mythical Sun Cat named Abe. Lately, the island has been full of chatter about potential sightings of Abe and Mineko is puzzled.


As Mineko, you’ll need to uncover the secrets of your new home and the Sun Cat they worship. However, as the title suggests, the game features a night market and you’ll need to carry out your daily duties in preparation for it each week. These include crafting items through minigames such as cat racing and sumo-suit wrestling. You’ll also need to make friends with the over 80 inhabitants of Mount Fugu by helping them complete jobs and bartering to sell your creations.

Mineko’s Night Market is heavily inspired by and promises to celebrate Japanese culture. Developed by husband and wife team Meowza Games and published by Humble Bundle, keep an eye out for it when it hits Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac in early 2019 as a digital download.

Mineko’s Night Market teaser trailer