Meltan’s evolution “Melmetal” revealed for Pokémon: Let’s Go and Pokémon GO

Meltan announced as the first mythical Pokémon capable of evolving!
Melmatel Meltan evolution Pokemon Let's Go

The Pokémon Company has revealed that the much-speculated evolution of Meltan is real and will go by the name of “Melmetal”. Melmetal is set to be available in Pokémon GO later this year and will be usable in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Eevee!

It had previously been hinted that Meltan held more secrets to be discovered, and we now know that secret was an evolution, making Meltan the first (and so-far only) mythical Pokémon capable of evolution.

Melmetan Pokemon Artwork
Official artwork for Melmetal

Named Melmetal, this evolution is a pure Steel-type like Meltan. Melmetal is said to have been worshipped in ancient times as a Pokémon with the power to create metal. In order to evolve the Hex Nut Pokémon you’ll need 400 Meltan candy in Pokémon GO, so it might be a good idea to start saving up those rare candies now! Meltan will only be able to evolve in Pokémon Go, but you’ll then be able to transfer Melmetal to your copy of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee!

Once you’ve received Melmetal in Let’s Go, you can have the 8’02” beast follow you around in the overworld like any of the Kanto Pokémon available in the games. You’ll also be able to use Melmetal in battle, where it will have access to a brand new signature move; Double Iron Bash. This is a physical Steel-type move which will hit the opponent twice, and also has a chance to make them flinch.

Melmetal following in Pokemon Let's Go
Melmetal following in Pokémon Let’s Go

Meltan was first revealed in a surprise move by Niantic at the end of the Chikorita community day in September, where they appeared en masse for around half an hour, only to be revealed as masquerading Ditto. Since then details have been slowly revealed about the latest addition to the Pokémon roster, including the somewhat convoluted method of its capture. A series of videos featuring Professor Willow and Professor Oak sharing their research data on the new discovery have also been produced. The latest of these shorts introduces Melmetal, and can be watched below:

Meltan Research Update: Introducing Melmetal!