Killer Queen Black set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2019

Physical retail release also confirmed for Nintendo Switch.
Killer Queen Black Nintendo Switch

Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games have revealed that Killer Queen Black will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2019. The Nintendo Switch release will be available in both digital and physical formats.

Killer Queen Black is a fast-paced action/strategy platformer that pits up to eight players against each other in a variety of game modes. First announced during Nintendo’s 2018 E3 presentation, the game presents itself as a new take on arcade eSport title “Killer Bee”. Aside from a minor addition to the game’s title, the upcoming Switch and PC releases have been rebuilt from the ground up and optimised to offer the best possible experience on the platforms.

Killer Queen Black Screenshot
Killer Queen Black in action (Press Screenshot)

Featuring online multiplayer for up to eight players, four different game modes, six unique battlefields, and five weapons to master, Killer Queen Black is set to stretch every player’s coordination and adaptability to its limits. Battling for control of the hive, players form two team of four – each consisting of a single Queen and three Workers. Although players initially start off defenceless, they can soon transform themselves into Soldiers, wield various weapons, and boost their speed to gain a competitive advantage.

Killer Queen Black is set to release on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2019. During the first 90 days of launch, PC players will only be able to purchase Killer Queen Black from the Discord store. The Nintendo Switch release will not only be launching on the Nintendo eShop, but a physical retail version will also be up for grabs.

If you’re buzzing about Killer Queen Black’s upcoming release, then be sure to check out Liquid Bit’s brand new trailer below.

Killer Queen Black Trailer 2