HAL Laboratory are recruiting additional staff for a new Kirby game

New Kirby game in development at HAL's Yamanashi R&D Center
HAL Laboratory Kirby recruitment

HAL Laboratory is currently seeking additional team members to help develop a new game in the Kirby series. While it’s not all that suprising that a new Kirby title is in the works, the recruitment call does mark the first official confirmation of the upcoming game’s existence.

Pitching to potential employees with the idea of making “a new Kirby game in a studio with a view of Mt. Fuji”, HAL Laboratory is currently accepting applications for 10 different positions at their Yamanashi Research & Development Center.

Grouped into design, development and planning categories, the roles include:

  • Level Designer
  • Planning Assistant
  • UI Designer & UI Programmer
  • Effects Designer
  • 3D Artist
  • Motion Designer
  • Action Programmer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Technical Programmer

Unfortunately, the job postings don’t give much away in the gameplay department but the recruitment call does specifically mention a “new” Kirby title. HAL Laboratory does state that they are looking for people with experience in development “after the HD generation” and that those applying should also have an interest in the Kirby series. The primary programming languages listed are C++ and C#.

As for what the upcoming Kirby game has in store for fans, we’ll simply just have to wait and see.