Ever Forward announced for a 2020 release

After three years, development's moving ever forward.

Ever Forward titleTelling the story of Maya, this 3D puzzle adventure confronts despair in her journey of self-discovery. Trapped in an alien world that is neither reality nor imaginary, Maya must use her intellect to solve puzzles. Maya, having lost her memories, endeavours to unlock the mysteries she’s left concealed in her past.

With stress placed on creating a provocative experience, Ever Forward emphasizes its art style with soft pastel colours and uncanny decor in its world that mixes nature with a sense of futurism. Players must interact with the world to solve puzzles.

While influenced by the likes Portal and Journey, the studio has said the title contains far more original ideas than those inspired. The core focus of this release is, of course, the puzzles, for which Pathea Games have put their heads together to come up with. The final result, they promise, is a product that keeps in mind puzzle gamers, with difficult and interesting puzzles to complete.

Developer Pathea Games, who’s last release was My Time at Portia, has been hard at work on this release for the last three years. Releasing a demo last year, at the time known as Protoform, Ever Forward has since undergone many changes. Losing many of its sci-fi aspects in favour of a more unnerving aesthetic, the title now works nature into its world in an unnatural manner.

Releasing for Nintendo Switch as well as other platforms Ever Forward is targeting a release for 2020, with a demo releasing on Steam and Itch.io in the coming weeks. The studio has also left us with a trailer which can be seen below.

Ever Forward trailer