DOOM Eternal confirmed to launch on Nintendo Switch

Includes brand new multiplayer mode where you play as a demon.
DOOM Eternal Logo

DOOM Eternal, the sequel to 2016’s award-winning reboot of DOOM, has been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch. As with the previous DOOM title, Panic Button appears to be the team handling the port to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

DOOM Enternal ScreenshotDeveloped by id Software, DOOM Eternal will once again put players in the role of the unstoppable DOOM Slayer. The series sequel boasts twice as many demons as the previous title, new worlds, an arsenal of new equipment, and many other improvements over its predecessor.

Revealed at QuakeCon earlier today, DOOM Eternal will also feature a brand new multiplayer mode that allows players to invade other players’ games in a similar manner to Dark Souls. While invading you’ll take control of a Demon and can even team up with other players to hunt the host down as a party.

DOOM Eternal’s release date has still not be confirmed.