Distributor lists Cooking Mama: Cookstar as an October release for Switch

Mama could be cooking up a release date announcement very soon
Cooking Mama Cookstar Nintendo Switch release

It looks as though Cooking Mama: Cookstar might be launching for the Nintendo Switch on October 25th 2019. The potential Thursday release date comes before any official announcement has been made.

Popular series “Cooking Mama” could be seeing its latest release sooner rather than later according to a certain French distributor. World Trade & Technology, the company previously responsible for the first Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch port leak, have listed “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” as launching for Switch on October 25th 2019.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar is said to offer over 90 recipes for players to cook up, including a new Vegetarian Mode packed with meat-less recipe options. Players can either go it alone or team up with a buddy to put their cooking skills to the ultimate test! Do you have what it takes to dice and mince your way to becoming a master cook? Now is a better chance than ever to find out!

Cooking Mama Cookstar Screenshot Switch
Cooking Mama: Cookstar distributor screenshot

The Cooking Mama franchise has seen releases on multiple Nintendo platforms in the past (including the Nintendo DS and Wii) and offers a mix of cooking simulation and mini-games for players to feast on.

If the distributor listing is correct then fans could be cooking up a storm on Switch as early as October 25th. However, as with all retail and distributor dates, nothing is confirmed until an official announcement has been made.