Diablo III Eternal Collection will support amiibo on Nintendo Switch

Touch, play, and raise some hell - Pax West brings news of amiibo.
Diablo III Switch amiibo

Diablo III Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch will include support for amiibo figures, according to information shared at PAX West 2018. The news comes from the show floor, where one of the developers spoke to ShackNews.

While details were extremely light, Blizzard’s developer allegedly stated that the team had added amiibo functionality to Diablo III’s Switch port. It’s currently unknown which figures will be supported or what they’ll bring to the game, but given the inclusion of exclusive Zelda-themed items, there is a possibility that the two may be linked.

Zelda aside, Nintendo has released third-party amiibo in the past, with the most notable (and recent) addition being Dark Souls’ Solaire of Astora figure. It would certainly be interesting to see Blizzard and Nintendo bring a Diablo amiibo to market, however, supporting existing Nintendo amiibo with exclusive in-game items would most likely be easier to implement.

Diablo III Eternal Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in 2018. The game will include all past expansions and some Switch-exclusive cosmetic items. As for amiibo, we’ll have to wait until an official announcement to know exactly what Blizzard has in store.