Devolver Digital brings Stories Untold to Nintendo Switch tomorrow

Why wait for Halloween when you can play this instead?
Stories Untold Nintendo Switch

Stories Untold, a psychological horror text-adventure game, is set to release on Nintendo Switch tomorrow (January 16th 2020).

Previously exclusive to PC, Stories Untold has been critically-acclaimed ever since its release back in 2017. Developed by No Code and published by Devolver Digital, the game is currently sitting at 98% on Steam’s recent reviews.

The game itself is an atmospheric, point-and-click anthology series that tasks the player with unravelling four distinct stories. From mystery, to sci-fi, to psychological horror, the game is truly deserving of its tagline “Four stories. One Nightmare.”

The mechanics that revolve around each story are unique, whether that be deciphering radio transmissions or prodding ancient artifacts, meaning the game refrains from feeling too repetitive throughout its four campaigns. Stories Untold really leans into its inspiration of 80s horror, sporting a retro-aesthetic and an 80s synth-wave soundtrack.

No Code is headed by Jon McKellan of Alien: Isolation fame, so it appears as if Stories Untoldwas developed by safe (and horrific) hands.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer for Stories Untold below.

Stories Untold - Nintendo Switch - January 16