Dead Cells free DLC ‘Rise of the Giants’ is out now for Nintendo Switch and PS4

An impressive new sales milestone has also been revealed
Dead Cells Rise of the Giants DLC Switch Artwork

Dead Cells, the indie roguelike platformer, has received its first free DLC pack ‘Rise of the Giants’. Rise of the Giants is available to download on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 right now, with an Xbox One release to follow in future. Alongside this news, developer Motion Twin has announced that Dead Cells has officially sold 2 million copies across all platforms.

Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giants DLC adds a tonne of new content to the base game’s already impressive selection. There are 10 brand new enemies to challenge veterans, with many of them appearing in the higher difficulty levels. To help take on these fearsome new foes, 10 additional weapons can also be found scattered across the game’s randomly generated world. One such weapon, called ‘Boi Axe’ seems to be inspired by the 2018 title God of War.

The free DLC also packs some new skills, a new shop, and a new skinning system (that lets players find and unlock more than 50 costumes for the playable Prisoner). However, the most significant addition is a brand new hidden level called ‘The Cavern’. This lava filled level is only for the most seasoned Dead Cells players and even contains a brand new boss. Those that beat this boss will be treated to a new ending to the story, though it might take you a few tries to get there.

To celebrate this brand new content update and the 2 million milestone, Dead Cells is currently 20% off on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam. Players who already own the game can download the update right now, but whilst it downloads why not check out the new animated trailer below to get a taste?

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant DLC