DC’s free-to-play MMO “DC Universe Online” launches for Switch in August

Character transfers and cross-platform play not available at launch.
DC UNiverse Online Nintendo Switch release date banner

DC Universe Online will officially be launching for Nintendo Switch on August 6th 2019. The hero-packed MMO finally received its Switch release date during this year’s Comic-Con convention.

First announced back in March 2019, DC Universe Online was originally slated for “Summer 2019” release on Nintendo Switch. However, fans will be pleased to hear that the free-to-play MMO will now officially be making its Switch debut on August 6th.

The Nintendo Switch port of DCUO is set to featuring over 300 DC characters, 100 game update and 30 content episodes at launch. As with past release, players will be able to create their own custom character, chose their faction (hero or villain) and fight their way through the DC universe.

According to developers Daybreak Games, the Switch version of the game will feature a fresh server and not allow cross-play between other platforms. However, this is something that they imply will be explored in future. Current players hoping to transfer their character or account across to the Switch version might also be disappointed to hear that transfers will not be supported. Instead, accounts on the Nintendo Switch port will be tied to the users Nintendo Account and kept separate from any previously existing ones.

DC Universe Online is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on August 6th, 2019. So you’d better start working on that character name if you want to jump right in.

DC Universe Online Coming To Nintendo Switch