Cadence of Hyrule confirmed for a June release, new gameplay footage shown

New items, enemies, levels, and much more revealed!
Cadence of Hyrule July Release month art

Nintendo has announced that Cadence of Hyrule will officially be coming to Nintendo Switch in June 2019. The release window came alongside new gameplay footage showing off some never-before-seen elements of the game.

Both Zelda and Crypt of the Necrodancer fans have been waiting for official Cadence of Hyrule news since Nintendo first revealed it back in March. Now, thanks to a segment featured in Nintendo of Japan’s latest Indie World presentation, the upcoming Zelda spin-off has been confirmed to be launching at some point in June.

In addition to a solid release window, the Indie World presentation also gave fans a better look into some of the title’s gameplay. The footage shown showcased a variety of previously unseen items, brand new enemies, and a whole heap of Zelda-inspired levels.  Fans were also treated to a first look at Candece of Hyrule’s UI, brimming with equipment and those oh-so-familiar heart containers.

Cadence of Hyrule - First look at the game's UI
Cadence of Hyrule – A first look at the game’s UI

Earlier this month curious dataminers took to the Nintendo eShop to try and uncover Cadence of Hyrule’s upcoming release date. While initial findings suggested that the game would be launching on March 30th 2019, Nintendo quickly revised the date listed in the title’s metadata to June 20th 2019.

Having first announced Cadence of Hyrule as a “Spring 2019” title and now confirming a launch window of June, the datamined June 20th date has become even more perplexing. Considering Spring ends of June 21st, it’s very possible that the date could be being used simply as a placeholder.

Until Nintendo announce an official release date, fans will just have to make do with knowing that Cadence of Hyrule will be coming at some point in June 2019. Luckily, there’s plenty of new gameplay in the video below to enjoy in the meantime.

Cadence of Hyrule - Nintendo Indie World (Japan)