BoxBoy + BoxGirl! Demo available now from the Switch eShop

Try before you decide to be there, or be square.
BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Demo

A demo version of BoxBoy + BoxGirl! has just been released on the North American and European eShops ahead of its release on the 26th of April. Eager puzzlers can also pre-purchase the game for £8.99 / €9,99 / $9.99.

Whilst this may be the 4th instalment of the puzzling BoxBoy! franchise, it is the first in the series to make an appearance on a platform other than the 3DS. BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! is also the first BoxBoy! game to include a co-op mode, which allows 2 players to put their heads together and solve some trickier puzzles.

The free demo contains 8 levels that introduce the game’s core mechanics. You play as Qbby, who can produce blocks from his body that can change his shape. These boxes can then be dropped, pushed around, and used in a variety of ways. You’ll need to create steps, bridge gaps, push buttons and hook yourself on to ledges to make it to the end of each level.

Additional points are earned at the end of a level for finding all the collectable crowns and for spawning the minimum number of boxes. These points can be spent on costumes for Qbby, or on hints for more challenging puzzles. The demo also contains a number of two-player levels, each with a different set of local-multiplayer challenges.

At only £8.99 / €9,99 / $9.99, BoxBoy+ BoxGirl! seems to be packed with value, boasting single-player and multi-player story modes, as well as differently shaped playable characters which present a variety of challenges.

BoxBoy + BoxGirl! releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 26th.

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