Baba Is You launches on March 13th for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac

BABA IS YOU Nintendo Switch Artwork

Baba Is You, the rule-bending puzzler from Hempuli, has finally secured a release date on Nintendo Switch. Originally slated for late 2018, the game will now officially be launching on March 13th 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

Baba Is You is an indie puzzle game where the rules of each level are spelt out in strings of movable blocks. For example, if a level contains the words “Baba is You” (split into the blocks “Baba”, “is” and “You”), then in that level “You” (the controllable object) is “Baba” (a character on screen). By pushing these in-game blocks around players can alter the rules of each level, take control of various in-game objects, and re-purpose the world in unexpected and often humorous ways.

Baba Is You Screenshot

It’s an interesting and unique concept that makes more sense when you experience or watch it for yourself (we’d definitely recommend checking out the trailer at the end of the article). The game also seems to pack a lot of variety, trial and error, and surprises for players to uncover in each of its hand-drawn-like levels.

Initially announced for Switch during Nintendo’s August 2018 Indie Highlights, Baba Is You was later delayed into 2019 due to a “risky schedule”. Developer Hempuli has been pretty quiet about the game’s new release date since. Now the wait is over and fans have not only been given a solid release date but have also been treated to a brand new game trailer.

MP2 Games will be handling the Nintendo Switch port of Baba Is You – an experienced team whose portfolio includes Switch adaptations of Not a Hero, Iconoclasts, and The Escapists.

Baba is You will launch for Nintendo Switch on March 13th 2019 and will be priced at $15 in North America. Prices for other regions are still to be confirmed.

Baba Is You - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch