Air Conflicts is coming to Nintendo Switch with a physical double pack.

Both games fly onto the Nintendo Switch in early 2019.
Air Conflicts Double Pack Nintendo Switch

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers will be heading to Nintendo Switch in early 2019. To celebrate the releases, Kalypso will be publishing a physical double pack.

Containing both upcoming Nintendo Switch game ports on a single game card, the Air Conflicts: Double Pack is set to release at some point in 2019 with a European guide price of €39,99.

Air Conflict: Secret Wars, which originally released in 2011, features 7 campaigns, 49 missions, and 16 different types of warplanes to choose from. The game is set during World War I & II and includes a variety of mission types, such as stealth missions, patrols, escorts, and defence operations. Secret Wars also features five different multiplayer modes supporting up to 8 players.

Pacific Carriers follows on from Secret Wars, dropping players into the Pacific theatre of World War II. It includes 2 campaigns, 18 famous aircraft types to try out and 4 different online multiplayer modes.

Originally developed by Games Farms, the Air Conflict titles are flight simulators with a focus on airborne combat. Secret Wars and Pacific Carriers have seen multiple releases over the years, with the double pack landing on PS4 in 2016. The upcoming releases mark the first time these games have ever released on a Nintendo console.